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Dog Guard of Illiana  Serving Eastern Illinois and Western Indiana.

Dog Guard® vs. Competitors

Choosing the right electronic pet containment system can be challenging with so many different companies offering similar products. But, all companies and products are not the same. We believe Dog Guard® consistently provides not only the most reasonably priced, high-quality electronic pet-containment system, but also industry leading customer service and support from local dealers. This page compares three of the top-rated systems to make it easier for you to decide the one that is right for you and your dog.

Dog Guard ®
Invisible Fence Brand
Boundary Plus Smart® System, Boundary Plus® Wired System
Dog Watch ®
DogWatch SmartFence®, ProFence, 1200Fence
Levels of correction
32 levels of correction
5 levels of correction
Audible only, 6 correction, 1 audible + correction (total of 8)
Strongest correction available - -
Years in Operation
34 years
48 years
32 years
Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A.
New equipment models Made in China ††
Adjustable by Homeowner
Requires Service Call
30-day money back guarantee, Limited Lifetime Warranty (including dog chews)
1-year money back guarantee
30-day money back guarantee, Lifetime Warranty (including dog chews)
Signal Type*
AM + Digital Overlay
Digital Radio (Not AM/FM)
Battery Life
Recommended changing every 6 months for optimal performance**
Up to 2 years
Water Resistant/Proof
Designed to IP67 - Up to one meter for up to 30 minutes
Claimed Waterproof
Claimed Waterproof
Multiple Zones of Correction
1 Warning Zone
1 Correction Zone
1 Warning Zone
1 Correction Zone
Maximum Coverage
100+ Acres
200 Acres
* The signal is only transmitted a few feet, therefore, there is no benefit to an FM frequency.

** Battery consumption varies by dog’s use. We do not recommend compromising the safety of your dog by using batteries for more than 6 months.

† Waterproof language is used on website with no design standard listed.

†† These models of Invisible Fence Equipment are marked as “Made in China”:
Model: number ICT801
Model: “Boundary Plus Single Loop Transmitter”
Model: “Boundary Plus Transmitter”
Boundary Plus® and Boundary Plus Smart® are trademarks of the Invisible Fence Brand (Invisible Fence, Inc., USA). The terms “invisible”, “invisible fence” and “invisible fencing” are registered and considered trademarks by the Invisible Fence Brand. Electronic pet fences with a buried wire are often referred to as “invisible fences”, but Dog Guard® should not be confused with the Invisible Fence Brand. DogWatch SmartFence® is a trademark of DogWatch, Inc. Dog Guard® is not affiliated in any way with the Invisible Fence Brand or DogWatch, Inc., and use of their marks herein does not imply any association with or approval by their respective holders. Dog Guard® and Out of Sight Fencing® are registered trademarks of Sunward Electronics, Inc.
Revison Date: 5/11/23